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Associations Week: Give Back to Move Forward

An association leads the community it serves, and being involved as a volunteer is a huge privilege. It’s through the association that the community makes its marks on history, whether that be through changing legislation, regulation of the profession, or altering the perception of that community among its customers and stakeholders.

Associations provide their members with opportunities to improve, and it’s beholden on those who benefit to give something back – this virtuous circle is at the heart of why the association model is so successful.

I’d always urge people to get involved in the body for their sector and help the next generation of businesses and individuals to prosper as part of that community. There’s a consistent problem across associations; succession planning. Without a steady injection of new talent, new ideas and new energy, associations can quickly stagnate, bogged down by an ever-shrinking pool of people known to those involved. So it’s incumbent on you as members of your association or professional body to make yourself known. Seek out a Board Member and introduce yourself, attend a regional meeting, or email the President and open a dialogue. Who knows, you might develop a new skill set, expand your professional network, or even end up as President one day!

Written for #AssociationsWeek 2019

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