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IofAM and memcom creating something special for association leaders

By Lee Davies, Chair of the Institute of Association Management

When talking about the Institute of Association Management you will often hear me say that if the IofAM did not exist, I would want it to.  Why?  It is the only organisation offering association leaders the opportunity to come together and to learn from each other in a ‘safe space’, an environment where we can openly share our successes and our challenges and draw on our collective experiences to become better leaders.  It is THE social network for association leaders.

"I truly believe that this partnership between our two organisations has the potential to transform association leadership."

You will also hear me say that I am beyond frustrated that we seem to be unable to grow the IofAM’s membership and reach, despite the fact that through the CEO Forum, our professional guidance notes, CPD programme and peer-to-peer network, membership is seriously great value for money.  Well, those days of frustration are over.

I am delighted and excited to announce that the IofAM is forging a strategic partnership with memcom.  memcom, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, is the flagship event in the membership calendar.  Starting life as a membership community, from where memcom draws its name, the IofAM shares memcom’s aspiration to connect senior leaders from professional associations, trade associations, membership organisations and the wider non-profit sector to collaborate, to harness best practice and to celebrate success.  memcom is the IofAM’s natural and obvious partner of choice.

Throughout my career in membership associations, I have long advocated for senior leaders to have the opportunity to come together, to grow thought leadership in the association sector, to develop membership strategy and to learn together for the wider benefit of association leadership.  The two best vehicles I have found to pursue these aspirations have been the IofAM and memcom.  I truly believe that this partnership between our two organisations has the potential to transform association leadership.

There will be many more exciting announcements to come, including the relaunch of Associations Week, a refresh of the IofAM’s membership offer and new opportunities for the next generation of association leaders.  For those of you able to attend the CEO Forum next week, there will be the opportunity to meet some of the folk from memcom.  I look forward to working with the IofAM’s new colleagues at memcom to create something incredibly special for association leaders.

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