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Meet Sandy Mather - one of your newest Board members

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Sandy joined the board of IAL in May 2019 because she wanted to give something back to the profession from which she has got so much.

Sandy is currently CEO of the Intensive Care Society (ICS) with 3,300 individual members and 40 industry organisational partners. The Society is constituted both as a charity and a limited company which gives her plenty of governance experience! Very useful for us.

This year she is leading a governance review project to separate out Council responsibilities from Trustees/Directors and establishing a new combined Board of Directors and Trustee Board. She is also leading a digital transformation project to improve member experience. Last year she ran an extensive engagement project interviewing over 40 members, non members and key stakeholders and running six workshops to develop a strategy for the next 5 years of ICS’s growth.

Sandy has 14 years’ experience working at senior management level in three professional associations, including one with an international division which she led.

Sandy’s career started as a radiographer in the NHS, before moving onto work in the civil service where she was part of the core senior management team setting up two new health regulators.

In her spare time Sandy is real film buff and especially enjoys attending film festivals, attending the London Film Festival every year. She's also a big fan of The Boss (Bruce Springsteen, if you're not a fan), something that we have in common! She enjoys travelling with her husband Stephen and has visits planned to the Easter Islands and Chile in 2020. Sandy was born and brought up in Liverpool and so has a genetic disposition to supporting Liverpool Football Club, or so she says!

We’re really looking forward to working with Sandy and making the most of all that experience!

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