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Top Five Tips For Successful Recruitment Advertising

Jim Smith from Matrix MSG claims that he can save membership organisations time and money with their recruitment advertising – so we challenged him to reveal his top tips for successful recruiting advertising in fewer than 500 words. Did he manage it? We’ll let you decide for yourself

1. Target Audience

Who is your target audience for the role? Have you chosen the right media based on the right target audience? Or are you using the same media that you always have done. Niche jobs might require niche job boards, and the strength and name of an organisation doesn’t always mean that the advert will be successful - let alone seen - on all job boards.

2. The Copy

What are you selling, the job or the organisation? Job boards use optimisation to help promote a role, so it can be found by jobseekers. It is important to mention the job title several times in the opening few paragraphs, along with key words that promote the duties of the role. Many organisations still open job copy with a paragraph explaining who the organisation is and what the organisation’s mission is. If it’s needed on an advert, try putting it at the end of the job copy, to avoid losing the perfect candidate.

"attracting great new talent doesn’t have to be complicated"

3. The Job Title

Are you using the most attractive job title to candidates? The job title that you use internally might not appeal to, or resonate with, jobseekers. You are advertising a job, so use an attractive, clear and easy-to-understand job title to engage interest. And avoid jargon and acronyms at all cost! What you decide to call the job internally and on the employment contract, is an entirely different matter; this is advertising! And remember, any jargon or acronyms can be explained in an application pack, or at the shortlisting and interview stages.

4. Unique Selling Point

Have you included your USP? What is the main reason for taking this job? It’s not just salary and benefits that attract candidates; people value flexibility, autonomy, a clear career path, excitement, creativity and change…so it’s imperative to include at least one key ‘sell’ in the job copy, if you want your role to truly stand out. Perhaps the readers of your advert are not even active jobseekers, but just seeing what’s out there – so they would really need a hook to make them leave their current role.

5. The Application Process

It sounds silly, but have you included easy instructions and contact details for further information? Have you included a closing date, and an application link? Does all the information on your careers site – such as salary and closing date match? Inconsistencies or missing information are the opposite of USPs, and leave candidates confused or uncertain as to whether or not to apply – so don’t forget to sense check all of the details before pressing that send button…

Matrix Media Services Group was born out of three simple beliefs; firstly, attracting great new talent doesn’t have to be complicated. Secondly, planning your recruitment advertising doesn’t have to be stressful. And finally, implementing these strategies doesn’t have to be expensive.

Specialising in recruitment and talent-attraction media services, the Matrix Media Services Group team are media maestros across the spectrum: cost-effective media planning and buying; marketing and branding; creative and digital solutions; and social media strategies. Promoting the latest innovative targeting methodologies, including programmatic advertising, the team will help you reach whomever you want, whenever you want. Please contact Jim Smith, Executive Director, on 078007 70785 or email for an informal chat.

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